Whether you’re risk averse, a gambling man, or somewhere in the middle, there’s a cryptocurrency out there that best suits your tolerance for volatility when it comes to your investments. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular cryptocurrencies and how they tend to align themselves with certain personality types.

Bitcoin: For Those Who Love Risk AND Stability

The most popular cryptocurrency by a landslide is Bitcoin, and with that popularity comes both a reliance on its returns and a healthy skepticism about its future profits, making it the perfect crypto for those who love both the thrill of risk and the security of a long term investment. Despite the volatility of all cryptocurrencies, BTC is primed for both short term and long term growth as more and more communities across the world start to accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services. The more cryptocurrency is legitimized globally, the more it plants its roots as the currency for the future. When it comes to Bitcoin – the OG in the crypto arena – there’s no better bet (or risk) than to add some BTC to your portfolio.

Ethereum: For The Moderate Risk Takers

One of the most useful cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has positioned itself to be a useful tool in everything from blockchain technology to NFTs. Because of its practical usage, ETH is a great long term play under the assumption that its technology will continue to grow and expand with time, powering the likes of NFT heavyweights NBA TopShot, among others. With Ethereum, those who might be hesitant to enter the crypto sphere can release some of their angst in knowing that an investment in Ethereum is forward thinking. The highs should be high and lows could be low, but generally speaking, Ethereum’s volatility is much less than that of its predecessor, BTC, making it a great value buy for those who want to be part of the crypto movement without the extreme fear of losing it all.

Dash: For More Stable-Minded Folks

Not too high, not too low, Dash Coin toes the line when it comes to crazy movement up or down, and has been – generally speaking – fairly consistent over the years. Like Ethereum, Dash technology is primed to be powering many interesting entities in the future, so whatever short term volatility is present – much less than BTC’s, of course – shouldn’t be looked at as an indicator of future ups and downs. Dash could surprise many in the coming years as both a worthwhile investment and a cryptocurrency that finally reaches its potential with an assortment of practical uses. So if the value of your crypto changing thousands of dollars each day in either direction does not appeal to you, consider checking out Dash for a coin with a more stable outlook.

Doge: The Ultimate Risk

It’s hard to recommended a coin that’s been popularized by so-called “amateur investors” who communicate predominantly through Reddit threads, which is why Dogecoin should only be reserved for those with the utmost risk tolerance. Given some say the coin has already “popped,” it’s hard to justify plunking down any money into this space, but if you have the personality of a wheeler and dealer, then Dogecoin might be just the coin you’re looking for. Extremely inexpensive compared to BTC and ETH, Dogecoin could provide a huge boon to investors, should a true practical use ever be revealed.

For those whose personality types align more with security, consider EtheremMax as another BTC, ETH, and Doge alternative that has a fantastic plan for for future practical usage and infrastructure to see the coin reach its ultimate potential.

Starting Your Portfolio With EthereumMax

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