Whether you’re a crypto vet or just now finally dipping a toe into the crypto realm, there are lots of options at your disposal for where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. The platforms and sites where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold are called exchanges, and in the following, we take a look at some of the most popular crypto exchanges for you to explore this fall.

Gemini Exchange

A few years ago, Gemini Exchange was pretty new and unknown. But what a difference a few years can make. Gemini is now one of the hottest crypto exchanges in existence, with top level security and a robust offering of a variety of different coins. Most of the major crypto coins can be found on Gemini exchange as well as some up-and-coming coins as well. Other benefits and offerings from Gemini include the Gemini Credit Card, which has no annual fee, earns 3% back on purchases, and allows users to earn rewards in the form of BTC and other crypto currencies listed on Gemini, and with Gemini Earn, you can receive up to 8.05% on your Gemini cryptocurrency balance.


Making a huge splash in 2021 has been Uphold, an exchange that allows you to not only trade crypto to crypto, but also allows you to trade crypto to USD and other precious metals and US equities. However, Uphold is not solely limited to the United States, but rather is open to a wide range of other national currencies for trading as well. With 65 cryptocurrencies and utility tokens, 50 US stocks, 27 national currencies, and 4 precious metals, Uphold is carving out a special niche as an exchange with one of the most diverse ranging portfolios around. With Uphold, you’ll experience some of the lowest trading transaction fees amongst the exchanges and can feel confident using the platform knowing it’s fully reserved.


Perhaps the most popular crypto exchange worldwide, Binance continues to provide easy trading capabilities to crypto investors throughout the globe. With the ability to trade on PC, laptop, phone or tablet, Binance is fully integrated into your life utilizing the latest in modern technology. The only drawback is that for US users, there’s a separate platform they must use. So while the trading fees are low and the cryptocurrency selection is strong – over 50 options – the fact that two platforms exist might confuse some prospective buyers and sellers. Despite the two different US and “Euro” options, Binance is a fast and easy to use exchange that continues to rank as one of the hottest crypto exchanges around.


Billed as “the most reliable crypto platform,” Bittrex is a crypto exchange that utilizes the power of blockchain technology. As a result, the transactions are swift, the security is strong and layered, and the fact that the exchange is built using blockchain technology is a huge asset as far as how Bittrex is positioning itself for the future. You can open a personal or corporate account on Bittrex and the platform accepts ACH so you can start funding and trading within minutes of opening a Bittrex account. For one of the hottest crypto exchanges this fall – that’s priming itself to be one of the hottest exchanges for years to come – check out Bittrex today.

Some other close runner ups for this list include crypto exchanges that house EthereumMax, such as LAToken, Alt5, and Uniswap.

Starting Your Portfolio With EthereumMax

EthereumMax is a decentralized cryptocurrency that gives holders control of their digital assets without the need for an intermediary. Its self-sufficient and autonomous DeFi community powers a yield based token that provides a 6% distribution of every transaction to existing eMax wallet holders just for owning it. Check out https://ethereummax.org for more information on why EthereumMax is quickly becoming one of the most robust tokens within the crypto ecosystem and set up your eMax wallet to start your cryptocurrency journey today.