With the emergence of P2E (play to earn) games, gaming as we know it will never be the same. While traditional video games were designed for enjoyment, the thrill of accomplishment and fun, today’s P2E games combine the game design of the past with the ability to earn cryptocurrency and other tokens based on how much you win or what you unlock during gameplay. Here we take a look at the future of crypto gaming and what we can expect to see on the horizon.

The 411 On P2E

“Play to earn” games are simple to understand. As mentioned above, with P2E games, you—the user—receive rewards and prizes for your participation in certain games, depending upon how much you win, how far you advance, and the quantities and types of in-game challenges you complete. So essentially, if you’re really good at a specific game, you can now profit off of your skills.

Suppose you win some tokens through your gameplay. In many cases, you’ll then be able to convert those tokens into cryptocurrency, from which you can then trade or sell on any of the cryptocurrency exchanges. The more you play and the more tokens you win, the more cryptocurrency you can accrue, and thus, the more money you can make.

Understanding Crypto Gaming

There are a couple of main ways to make a profit from crypto gaming. The first is by playing the game, earning the tokens, and exchanging the tokens for cryptocurrency. From there, you can let the crypto sit in your wallet, exchange it for a different currency, or cash it out for fiat currency. The other main way to profit from crypto gaming is to buying tokens from the game in the game’s early stages with the hopes that if the game catches on, the tokens will be worth a lot more because demand will be higher. If you’re gaming for cash and not for the love of the game, your best bet is finding a particular style of game that you enjoy and are good at and then going all-in with your allotted time for games on those specific games.

Earning With Crypto Gaming

Whether you’re earning tokens within the game or purchases game tokens to hold as an investment, crypto gaming tokens are becoming increasingly more popular. While not every game’s a “winner,” here are some of the top game tokens you can check out that have high market capitalizations:

  • Sandbox (SAND): Used by players in this virtual world to purchase goods and land parcels.
  • ApeCoin (APE): A product from Bored Ape Yacht Club that’s been incorporated into their games.
  • Decentraland (MANA): Used by players to purchase land parcels in Decentraland.

The abovementioned coins are great examples of how some games have become so popularized that their tokens hold value outside the games, even if you’re not playing them.

The Future Of Crypto Gaming

While all signs point to crypto gaming existing as a major part of web3 expansion and growth, it’s worth noting that with the potential to earn money, there’s also the potential risk to lose money. Since we’re in the infancy of web3, many game scams have popped up and—even worse—other games have gotten hacked, leaving users depleted of their funds. However, as web3 continues to evolve and security measures continue to improve, crypto gaming should continue to endure and evolve as well, making playing and earning money faster and easier than ever before.

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