One of the most popular chat apps to explode onto the scene over the past couple of years is Discord. Here we explore how Discord is used, why it exists, and how it is uniquely related to the wonderful world of crypto and digital assets.

What Discord?

Similar to apps like Slack, TeamSpeak, and Skype, Discord is a chat app that is primarily used to help PC and videogamers easily communicate while engaged in gameplay. With video, voice, and text chat features, it’s the all-in-one ideal platform to help gameplayers stay connected and interact with ease.

The other neat element to Discord is that it’s given birth to different communities outside of the gaming field, where users can login and join different “servers,” which are essentially different online communities built around common interests on things like gaming, to self-help, to cryptocurrency.

How is it different from other platforms?

Discord is predicated on community, with each server joining together groups of people around a common interest. The groups can be public or private, which allows you to have total control over your ecosystem if that’s important to you. The other cool element to Discord is its accessibility. You can easily access the app from your computer while playing a game or gaming on another console, but you can just as easily access the communities you’re a part of through your mobile device. So if, for example, you’re part of a cryptocurrency Discord server and want to stay up on all of the information and tips that are floating around on the channel, you’re able to do so from the comfort of your phone, whether you’re at home at your computer or the go with your mobile.

What’s the future of Discord?

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer with a love for connecting and competing with others online or you’re a consumer of information with like-minded individuals and enjoy the support of digital communities around common interest, Discord is the place for you. As the app continues to grow and expand, users can expect to see new and different ways that allow for even greater means of connectivity—from advancements in one-on-one messaging to going enhancements for going live, the Discord app is really in its infancy and the sky’s the limit for how it will continue to connect groups of people around common causes, initiative, hobbies, games, and ideas for the future of digital assets.

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