Cryptocurrency continues to expand in popularity and be accepted by a variety of different companies as a payment option. Here’s a look at a few of the unexpected places you can now use crypto as means for purchasing goods and services.


Dating in the digital age is much easier when you can purchase any in-app plans with crypto, and that’s exactly what you can use when paying for the OkCupid premium plan services. The OkCupid premium plan removes ads and allows for anonymity, two cool perks that are now provided in exchange for BTC. By allowing your OkCupid premium plan to be purchased using cryptocurrency, your potential future relationship is thus partly owed to crypto and advancements in digital currency. Simply connect your crypto wallet and start checking out potential matches near you, when you’re on the go, and wherever you’re looking for love.

The Red Cross

If you’re into philanthropy and the spirit of giving, The Red Cross is one of a growing number of charities that has started to accept BTC and other forms of crypto as means of making donations. What’s really forward thinking about opening up charities like The Red Cross to accepting cryptocurrency donations is that the donations can come from anywhere in the world. If you live in Japan, you can donate to The Red Cross in the United States. The impact of “global giving” should not be underestimated, as it allows for people who identify with a particular cause to give to that cause, even if the organization is based in a different area from where they live. The other benefit to The Red Cross and other charities accepting crypto donations is that if you own a lot of cryptocurrency, you won’t necessarily have to cash it out and exchange it in order to give it.


Ever think you’d be able to purchase your $5 footlong with $5 worth of BTC? Well now, that’s a real opportunity for you at your disposal. If eating is a basic necessity, then Subway is thinking of your future needs by allowing your meals to be purchased with cryptocurrency. As more of the global food brands like Subway accept crypto as payment, we may start to see a shift in how food is consumed worldwide. If you’re a traveler in a foreign country and you know that certain restaurants like Subway will accept BTC as payment, you may be more inclined to dine there knowing you can use crypto as your traveling fund and won’t have to pay any foreign transaction fees.


Speaking of transaction fees, over at EtherumMax, MaxPay has been created to help send and receive payments for things you spend money on in everyday life. MaxPay is a stablecoin product that helps crypto payments be sent easily and securely. As more and more businesses—such as those mentioned above—continue to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, MaxPay aims to be an integral player in the peer-to-peer and peer-to-business crypto transaction game. Be on the lookout for MaxPay to be adopted by worldwide channels of commerce in the coming months and years.

In the meantime, for another cool future-esque player in the world of cryptocurrency, check out EtherumMax.

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