While no one can predict exactly what will happen in the future, all signs point to a big, bright future in crypto. The following explores some assumptions and hypotheses on where the cryptocurrency boom is headed and ideas for how you can make some smart bets to ride your portfolio to the moon.

The Future Is Crypto

Since the mid to late 2010s, the value of major cryptocurrencies has risen exponentially. The most popular currencies like BTC and ETH have seen an explosion of growth, particularly as more and more companies become crypto adopters, further legitimizing cryptocurrency as a universally acceptable method for the payment of goods and services. With the burgeoning industry of NFTs that utilize blockchain technology, the future of crypto also continues to trend in an upward direction the more that tangible and practical applications of certain coins continue to power new and different platforms and marketplaces. The more we continue to find new uses for cryptocurrency, the more crypto will cement itself in the future of day-to-day society.

Decline Of Individual Currencies

A huge advantage to using cryptocurrency is that it transcends any regulations in place for financial transactions between different countries, and oftentimes, financial transactions within the same country. For example, if we no longer need to rely on the conversion of USD to CAD and instead can simplify the selling of goods and services to utilize a solitary digital currency, the possibilities of how those transactions can occur expand greatly. As more and more countries begin to standardize and accept crypto as a viable form of payment, the reliance on a country’s individual currency will lessen, creating more opportunity for cryptocurrencies to emerge as the new leader in the world economy.

Emergence Of Global Currency

The world is more interconnected now than ever before, which bodes very well for the future of crypto. Cryptocurrency has enabled a new wave of commerce across the globe with an ease and speed we’ve never seen previously, which, if we follow the trajectory of most technologies, only stands to increase in speed and efficiency as time goes by. Just as we’ve seen year in and year out with the latest Apple products, technologies continue to advance in both their innovation and their ability to consistently deliver new features that improve the life of the end user. Thus, predicting that a specific cryptocurrency will increase its viability, scale, and application to eventually be installed as a standardized currency across the world in the future does not seem too farfetched.

Cryptocurrency Stabilization

Currently, the price of crypto fluctuates greatly across most coins on a day-to-day basis. One morning, a particular coin might be valued at $1,000 and by the end of that day, could be valued at anywhere between $500 and $3,000. The price variance is what makes some potential cryptocurrency investors wary of venturing into the crypto waters, especially those with a low risk tolerance. Over time, however, there’s potential for the crypto market to stabilize and provide even better gains than we are accustomed to seeing on traditional financial exchanges like the DOW and NASDAQ. The current gains are high and the current lows are low, so there’s a huge profit potential as well as loss, which makes most current crypto investors those who can stomach the risks and the turbulence. In the future, that turbulence could subside and provide a much more even, predictable outlook for more risk adverse investors to get behind.

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