Emergence of Big Brands

If there’s a new opportunity to make money, you better believe the big corporations are going to be all over it, and that’s exactly what’s been happening with NFTs. While most corporate-created NFTs are met with some resistance, companies like Visa and Coca-Cola are creating their own line of goods to enter the NFT space. If you want to be on the frontlines of – albeit – corporate influence on a new and growing craze, check out the big brand NFTs that are soon to be coming out with greater and greater frequency.

Alternatively, some big brands are actually purchasing pre-existing NFTs and are keeping them as future investments.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

For a while, CryptoPunks was spearheading the NFT surge, but then along came the Bored Apes, a 10,000 piece digital collection of ape avatars that each possess a different facial expression. The cool virtual monkeys cost around $245 USD (or 0.08 ETH) and come with a package of perks, including their own Twitter handles and access to an exclusive community of other Bored Ape owners. Big time celebrities like basketball star Steph Curry have even gotten into the mix, and are helping drive the growth of Bored Ape through an active Discord chat. There’s also status being cultivated around the Bored Ape NFTs in addition to the monetary value, which is estimated at up to 18 million once their auction is completed by Sotheby’s.

Fractionalized NFTs

For those who can’t afford the million-dollar NFTs, there’s now the emerging trend of fractionalized NFTs. Fractionalized NFTs operate in much the same way as fractionalized cryptocurrency, whereby a piece of the whole is available for purchase. With cryptocurrency – for example – you can purchase a fractional share of BTC or ETH and thus own a piece of the action. As the price of the full coin rises or falls, so too does the price of your fractional share. Same goes with fractional NFTs. As the NFT itself rises or falls in value, so too will the fractional NFT piece that you own. Fractional NFTs are a great way to get started in the NFT realm if you’re on a budget or if you want to diversify your holdings, such that you can own a small piece of a variety of NFTs.


The granddaddy of the NFT, EtherRocks are limited in quantity (only 100 exist) and are inspired by the pet rock which rose in popularity in the 1970s. EtherRocks follow the traditional philosophy of supply and demand, so the scarcity principle is what keeps EtherRocks one of the hottest trends in the game. Launched in 2017, EtherRocks are what they sound like: Pictures of different drawn rocks. They’re simple, they’re basic, and they’re worth over 1 million dollars at their floor price. If you’re lucky to get your hands on an EtherRock you should take it, as the hot trend seems unlikely to cool so long as there’s a demand for NFTs.

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