As The Metaverse continues to grow and take shape, many companies sit at the forefront of its evolution and trajectory. These companies are some of the world’s most innovative brands and their work is literally the future. Here we take a look at 5 of the biggest Metaverse players and how they’re helping stimulate the Metaverse’s growth.


Changing its name from Facebook to Meta, Facebook was priming itself to be a major play in the growing and expanding Metaverse. Name aside, one of Facebook’s greatest contributions to The Metaverse is through its ideation and development of its Oculus headsets and the impact they’ve had on the VR experience. As more and more people become familiar with The Metaverse and its offerings, the more VR technology will play an important role in The Metaverse experience. If people are to start “going” to concerts—for example—from the comfort of their couches, the Oculus headsets will play a pivotal role in helping to make that a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Other experiences such as shopping, meditating, and gaming will also advance into The Metaverse with an enriched sensory element when people use the Oculus headsets.

Epic Games

Speaking of gaming, Epic Games has been leading the charge on The Metaverse gaming frontier through its massively popular game, Fortnite. To help grow, scale, and expand what is already a juggernaut for online gameplay, Epic Games recently announced a 1 billion round of funding to help power the next generation of online gaming into the future and beyond. With an expansive pre-existing fan base and user base, Epic Games has the necessary reach to bring eyeballs to The Metaverse in the same way Facebook can leverage its social network platform to drive traffic and innovation to the space in a really powerful way. Companies like Facebook and Epic Games can use their built-in audiences to drive and inspire people to take part in The Metaverse through their platforms.


While AppleTV, iPhones, and MacBooks get a lot of the attention surrounding the innovation at Apple, the tech powerhouse has been quietly working on the development of VR technology. If history repeats itself, Apple could quickly become the industry standard for VR technology, much in the same way the iPhone became the industry standard for smartphone technology. As The Metaverse continues to grow and expand, be on the lookout for innovative offerings from Apple, technology that should help aid the user experience of The Metaverse while also contributing to the growth of The Metaverse itself. Keep in mind, Apple has a ton of AppleTV and Apple Music subscribers, another huge potential audience of people who could become early Metaverse adopters through the use of their trusted Apple technology.


Hailed as the future of digital real estate, Decentraland has become popularized for a property recently selling for 2.4 million dollars. If you think about it, that’s a high price tag for something no one will be able to physically live in and invites the question: At what cost are people willing to pay to own a piece of The Metaverse? Decentraland has seemed to have cracked the code, offering users the ability to create and develop games, trade digital assets, peruse a market place, and essentially create a world where people can interact in a decentralized society.

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